Meet our Team

Thanks so much for visiting our website and taking an interest in Total Cabin Care. Our mission is to keep your cabin flawless this summer, so you can enjoy the lake!

– Axel Sigmar and Nick Meyer


Axel Sigmar


Co-Owner Axel Sigmar was Born and raised in beautiful Winnipeg. Currently in Agricultural Business at the University of Manitoba looking to major in economics. In his spare time he enjoys living at his cabin in the Whiteshell and working for TCC!

Nick Meyer


Co-Owner, Nick Meyer, has grown up in the Whiteshell and has been spending his summers there since he was young. He is in his third year of Business at the University of Manitoba. Nick loves the lake and loves helping out his clients in any way he can.

Our Story

The Total Cabin Care Way

Total Cabin Care began operations in 2015 when Axel Sigmar and Nick Meyer decided to join their passion for the lake with a cabin care business model that could help their neighbours. After helping out a few of their close friends at the lake, they realized so many other people need help with their yard work. It’s sad that many of us spend our summers doing physical labour instead of enjoying the lake. It should be students and young adults who take care of this labour!

For the past few years Axel and Nick, along with several other team members, have been working hard each summer to allow hundreds of Whiteshell residents to simply enjoy the lake.


You can trust us to get the job done on time, and to your standards

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The Total Cabin Care Guarantee

When you ask Total Cabin Care to do a job, you get 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. We are nothing without our customers, and we will work tirelessly to make your life easier, so you can enjoy the lake.

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